Supported by the unique alliance of the most representative universities, research laboratories, large companies, innovation clusters, SMEs/Mid-tier firms, business association and public authorities, SUMITY brings together technical, financial and human skills and resources to accelerate the ongoing digital and ecological transformation of businesses in both Paris Region and Hauts-de-France territories.

SUMITY Manifesto


What the crisis taught us

The Covid-19 crisis has been a strong revealer of all our vulnerabilities. Our traditional models for development have reached their upper limits. Our societies fragility and our lack of resilience are more than ever apparent.

→ SUMITY alliance was forged on these lessons

A necessary refoundation

More than recovery plans, our economic states and societies need from now on the refoundation of our development models.

This refoundation needs to be based on enhanced policies for innovation geared towards the essential needs (health, education, accommodation, environment) and the achievement of the objectives of energetic sobriety set by the Paris Agreements.

→ With SUMITY, we are devoted to this refoundation.

Sobriety and resilience designing the equation

Ecological and digital being at the crossroads of the biggest transitions, SUMITY gathers the most representative research centers, public authorities and businesses to design and build sober and resilient cities and territories.

→ SUMITY is the territories’ organ that can answer the ecological, societal and economical challenges through the digital and urban innovation.

Focus & impact

To answer the climatic, social and environmental emergency, SUMITY will focus its services on a high impact challenge: accelerate the digital and ecological transformation for traditional SME and public authorities by using artificial intelligence (AI) and datas.

→ To address these challenges, SUMITY put in the spotlight the citizen involvement and their commitment on its projects.
0,07g of CO2 is produced every time someone visits this website

of the French population living in medium-size cities have as priority number 1 the conservation of the environment


of the CO2 emission in cities is due to shipping goods


of local communities markets had an environmental clause in 2018


AI for the environment has the potential to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by up to 4.0%, by 2030


of the companies invest less than 200 euros on their Internet visibility


France is ranked 21st European country on the share sells of e-commerce



Digital & Ecology

In 2020, the digital must serve both the growth of companies and the ecological performance of the economy.


Two prior sectors

To move forward quickly and efficiently we will focus SUMITY’s activities on two prior sectors:

  • Construction, buildings, renovation and urbanism
  • Life in urban centers, local commerce business and last-mile logistics


With the actors on the ground

As close to the field where the real needs of transformation remain, in contact with the traditional SMEs and public authorities of any kind, this is where SUMITY’s action runs.

SUMITY offer


An integrated offer to boost all your innovative projects

  • Awareness-rising on innovation mechanisms and staff training
  • Identification of a target project
  • Diagnosis of the project with dedicated experts
  • Mediation with the stakeholders
  • Support to define the tender specifications
  • Support on the business modelling process
  • Support to define the suppliers selection criteria
  • Innovation program support throughout the project development


The keys to achieve your digital and ecological transformation

  • Free first diagnosis
  • In-depth diagnosis with the experts from SUMITY
  • Budget and road-map setting
  • Funding research
  • Suppliers selection
  • Selection of a partner research lab (if R&D needed)
  • Linking with public authorities or technological platform to test and validate an innovative solution
  • Support throughout the different evolution stages, staff training and /or hiring process

SUMITY Alliance

Excellence to answer high level challenges

Research and training

Large companies

Clusters, organisations and federations


SUMITY establishing
in Paris Parc

15 000m² in the center of the latin district

In front of Notre-Dame, adjoining Sorbonne University Campus and l’Institut du Monde Arabe, this new building dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship will host SUMITY’s team.
Vegetated roof, inner street, fablab, incubator, restaurant etc. This new place resolutely hybrid and created by Sorbonne University relies on its prestigious location in the heart of the capital town to create an inspiring environment for scientists, engineers and the public at large.

& in Euratechnologie - Lille

France’s no. 1 startup incubator and accelerator

Part of SUMITY’s team will be also located in Lille, on the Euratechnology campus, a centre of excellence and innovation spanning 80,000m², housed in a former textile factory.

What is an EDIH ?

European Digital
Innovation Hub

As part of the Digitising European Industry program, EDIH (European Digital Innovation Hub) refer to groups of stakeholders committed to constitute a unique contact point enabling companies of their territories to build collaborative relationships with the players and ecosystems they need to achieve their digital transformation.

« The partners of the SUMITY alliance support the digital and ecological transition of companies and territories. They are all key players for building a sustainable future for Europe. »

Françoise Préteux
Director of the Research @ Ecole des Ponts ParisTech and Vice-Chairwoman of Cap Digital

« You are a company or a community, benefit with SUMITY from up-to-date expertise in digital technologies applied to sustainable city markets, and bring innovation into your projects! »

Catherine Dehaene
Business Strategy Innovation Program Manager @ Orange

« The complex problems linked to the evolution of cities in a context of preservation of natural resources cannot be solved without Artificial Intelligence. That's why we place AI at the heart of SUMITY's expertise. »

Patrick Cocquet
CEO of Cap Digital


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